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i was rang twice by this number today you answer and no one speaks back
I missed the call since I was in school. This was exactly one week ago. I thought it might be a friend and tried to text them, but it wouldnt go through. Creepy. Anyone have any idea who 8432632110 is?
microsoft scam
ye mob kb milay ga...tell me..03130546801.this is my num..mxg me and tell me...
I tried to find out who called me on June 22 at 10:18 am
The most annoying people ever when i ask if they could take us off the calling list they hang up on me! Nightmare!!!
Persistant caller if you do not answer first time around it will call back. Answered by mistake second time around and got the start of a pre recorded message I hung up straight away, added number to auto reject and blocked numbers list.
Spam caller! PPI Scam!
Marketing call, they tried to get me into online trading.
Selling solar panels
Left a message saying it was a location service and they ad the legal right to contact references for the person they were looking for. I do not owe them anything and be careful if it is a debt collector and they have purchased bad debt already written off by a co if the person owing the debt pays even one penny the debt is open again.
Indian chap with background noise from a long way off, rang about my BT broadband. No BT here. Why is BT not chasing these idiots.
SCAM: A call from a VERY Indian sounding lady on a very bad line with strong background office noise. Said she was from BT (really??) and that someone was using my broadband (no!!) but she could help if I got my computer ready and to be ready to enter a special key sequence. Told her I was ready with my smart phone being the 'only' computer I had and she said she couldn't help me (hopeless!). So, yet another scam but not apparently my computer this time but my broadband being abused but no doubt resulting in the usual invitation to load Trojan malware on to my kit. Just signed up for BT's new filtering service the other day, its not working. Need to check I did it correctly, their products are so confusing.
Was asked private information which I did not answer. Beware, I used another phone to call them back and the phone says it is disconnected. And having the o61 in front when receiving the call would mean to me to be an international call. Just beware and do not provide any information.
its not the IRS, dont get scammed.
Just hangs up
Doesn't speak.

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